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Star Citizen Provides Postmortem on Invictus and Alpha 3.9.X

Several records broken, and high server load

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Citizen’s Cloud Imperium Games have recapped Alpha 3.9.X and Invictus Launch Week in a postmortem.

Invictus Launch Week was launched (sorry) on June 2, which the team states was a large success. For example, Monthly Active Users for May broke their record for active unique players by a sizable 50%. This was driven in large part by their Free Fly, in addition to several events, and daily activities,

“On the first day of Invictus Launch Week on May 22, we had our highest Daily Active User (DAU) count ever…In fact, so many players logged in to Star Citizen during the week that the number of unique users from the 12-day event alone was greater than every single month up to that point in our entire history of operation.”

Fleet Week also looks to have performed above expectations. But to that end, this had an effect on server load and the ability to handle the sheer number of players who participated,

“The major mistake on our side was that we thought that our first-gen tech could hold out for another few quarters. In addition, we didn’t realize the impact that the first version of long-term persistence, activated in Alpha 3.8.1, would have on the size of the database fetches as we scaled up to unprecedented numbers of players.”

The team is taking these learnings and creating an iCache system in addition to physical inventory to handle such increases in traffic from players. Do note, these systems aren’t in the game just yet, but because of these events, the team is bringing the development plan for these systems forward somewhat.

You can catch the full detailed postmortem here.


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