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Star Citizen October Report Details Work on the Engine, Animations, and Inventory Filtering

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The October monthly report for Star Citizen is out and last month’s CitizenCon, which was an all digital event, saw previews and development progress on a number of features. Work that was shown at the event dominated October's progress  report, with AI, animation, and design changes adding more substance to the playable options..

The animation team is adding new AI behaviors including for NPCs like a nurse, bartender, vendor, security guard, and other non combat NPCs that cower and hide. Facial animations also got some tweaks. And character art got significant content including work on head designs that should be integrated further. The US studio polished work on several ships and paints, and the UK team saw three ships moving to the final stage before release. Work from the community team was highlighted as for all the events that were held in October, including the return of Free Fly battles, as well as the alpha 3.14 post mortem getting community feedback on what was delivered and how it all went.

The Star Citizen team also cites significant progress on the engine, with optimization and fixes. But what about features? The features team improved the new player inventory, with the very helpful ability to filter your items. They also mention the new item kiosk that will let you sell items back to the shops, and some works for vehicles and improvements for the transit system. These may sound like basic building blocks, and in many ways, they are, but they’re based on feedback.

This October update is a long one, considering how much the team showed off in the con and it’s variety of panels. So if you’re wondering how the game is doing, there should be enough updates to satisfy some of your curiosity. For the full October report, see the Star Citizen site.


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