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Star Citizen Live Takes a Look at Alpha 3.9

What will and won't arrive in Alpha 3.9

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In the latest Star Citizen Live, the team looked at Alpha 3.9 and touched on what will and won’t arrive in the update.

For thieves and pirates out there, it looks like stealing cargo from destroyed ships will make the cut, along with the ability to purchase food and drinks. However, the team notes that the bartender is still a WIP due to some AI issues.

The visor will also see a reworked HUD, although a reworked ship HUD won’t make the cut in full, but will be patched in. Additionally, volatile cargo missions wherein fuel must delivered will also be included, along with weapon attachment UI, and changes to player interaction systems.

However, a whole bunch of stuff won’t be included such as money transfers, spawning vehicles inside of ships, physical inventory, vending machines, a “remove helmet” button, temperature change due to various moon day night cycles, radiation and other hazards.

That’s only a recap, so if you want to catch every single moment of the stream, be sure to check it out below. But make sure to carve out 50 minutes of time because this is a long video.


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