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Star Citizen Lays Out This Week's Content Schedule

No Inside Star Citizen This Week

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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This week’s content schedule has been shared by the Star Citizen team.

First up, the limerick contest we reported on earlier has ended, with three winners. If you’re curious, you can check out the entries to the contest here.

Tuesday (today) will have the Narrative Team share a new lore post called “Tracker.” Thursday, meanwhile, will share out the monthly reports for Squadron 42 in addition to the persistent universe side of Star Citizen.

As a reminder, there will be no Inside Star Citizen this week due to their quarterly hiatus. This should last about three weeks. The new Inside Star Citizen will broadcast on April 23.

Finally, the roadmap update will be shared on Friday, along with the newsletter to several inboxes. The subscriber vault is also happening with Art Director Paul Jones who will look at developing key art for the game. You can watch that here.

The team also promises opening up PTU soon,

“We’re very close to being able to open PTU up to a larger audience, and can’t wait for you all to get your hands on it. Stay tuned for more info!”


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