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Star Citizen Is Hosting Another Free Fly Event, Running Till February 25th

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Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Star Citizen is giving potential players the chance to check out the in-development game for free with its latest Free Fly event, running from today, February 15th through the 25th. 

The event will allow potential pilots to jump into the cockpits of six of the MMO's current ships, each one designed to give players a taste of different career paths in the upcoming game. Ships include the Anvil Arrow or the MISC Prospector for dogfighting and industrial tasks, respectively. 

The free event runs for a week, so there could be plenty of time for players to try their hand at the different styles of ships on offer in the game, which still doesn't have a solid release date in its sights. The release roadmap has some tentative dates and targets for the content they are adding to the Alpha version right now. 

Star Citizen has pulled in over $346 million in crowdfunding with almost 3 million players checking out the as-yet-to-be-finished game since launching its Kickstarter in 2012. For those interested in checking out the Free Fly event and hop into the alpha, you can head to the game's website and register here.


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