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Star Citizen Interview Details New Argo MOLE Vehicle

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In a recent interview with MassivelyOP, Star Citizen Lead Systems Designer Jon Dadley and Vehicle Pipeline Director John Crewe discussed the new Argo MOLE vehicle in alpha 3.8 and more.

The new Argo MOLE vehicle, designed for mining, was expounded upon by Dadley as talked about the inspiration for the MOLE citing more multi-crew gameplay,

“We’re keen to develop and encourage more multi-crew gameplay across the whole of Star Citizen. With mining being one of the primary routes to earning UEC, we felt a multi-crew mining ship would be a strong path to promoting multi-crew gameplay.”

The design of the vehicle was also discussed. The MOLE has a design more akin to one of the racing ships than one would think of when thinking of a mining vehicle. Crewe had this to say regarding the design,

“I’m not sure I’d call it racer like! It seems very industrial design to me and was something the concept art team really hammered on early in the process (as you can see in the concept versions.) We also looked at the two other ARGO ships we have, the MPUV and the SRV, and took quite a few styling cues from them to ensure the companies ships retain a consistent look and style.”

However, the MOLE isn’t necessarily the big change coming to Star Citizen in the near future. Crewe discussed how platform persistence was key for players to feel as if they’re having a true effect on the universe,

“Platform persistence will truly be a game changer here. As soon as aUEC is no longer being wiped between patches, players can start to accumulate enough wealth to truly make their mark on the ‘Verse. We anticipate that in adding platform persistence, we’ll see a large spike in emergent gameplay, due to players becoming a little less cavalier with their ships, cargo and property in Star Citizen. In fact, even without Platform Persistence and due to features like in-game Ship Purchasing and Renting, we’re already seeing players help each other out more and more with every patch.”


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