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Star Citizen Free Fly On through December 1st to Coincide With Aerospace Expo Event

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Free fly is back in Star Citizen through December 1st.  If you want to check out the game, which just had a major update that added new gameplay options, including medical and healing tools, you can play free during the special period.

All players will be able to enjoy the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, with new ships, new content reveals, a new edition of Inside Star Citizen that will show off two upcoming vehicles, and more. But it’s the free fly that will give you a peek into everything Star Citizen now. Although periodic updates have added content, ships, and greater direction for a while, the game remains under development with planned changes and will be done when it’s done, as they say.

Recently, there have been changes to spawns and the most recent major update added medical gameplay, including healing tools, hospitals, clinics, and wounds. These wounds fall into different categories, requiring different healing strategies, and can happen to different parts of the body, also affecting the way you play.

You can give the new scenarios a try as well as test and fly over 120 ships during this free flight experience. The Virtual Aerospace Expo is also revealing brand new ships for the game and you content every day. It seems that you'll be able to test fly these ships after they're revealed.

There will be specials available to coincide with the event so if you like what you see and experience, you might be able to save a few bucks on your next ride. There are events going on all week, with reveals.  and if you decide to test while the free fly is on, you can see just what Star Citizen has to offer.

For the full rundown of the event  check the event page over at Star Citizen.


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