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Star Citizen Environment Art AMA Shares Update on Pyro System

New biomes, forests, and more questions

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent AMA discussing environment art in Star Citizen touched on just what’s up with the Pyro System, in addition to asking about various other biomes.

The AMA featured the following members from the Star Citizen team:

  • Maximilian Keilich | Senior Environment Artist
  • Florian Sollaneck | Environment Artist
  • Pascal Muller | Senior Environment Artist
  • Vanessa Bölke | Environment Artist
  • Sebastian Schroeder | Senior Environment Artist
  • Özlem Sagbili | Senior Environment Artist
  • Patrick Gladys | Senior Environment Artist

Regarding the Pyro System, it looks like some work has been done regarding new geology, surface materials, and more. The team looks to be improving some existing assets, in addition to working on the tech and tools to enable new changes in the future.

The team also provided some information on how planets will be updated with new biomes,

“With one of the recent updates to the Planet Tech we are now able to add and change everything on a planet in a very non-destructive and much more procedural way than we could when we originally re-created the existing planets/moons end of last year. The improvement allows us to go back to any planet and every biome on them and update/improve and even add new ones if the necessity arises as well as giving us more natural transitions between them.”

The AMA touches on planet tech, breakable trees, old geology assets, forests, and much more. You can read the full recap of the AMA right here. And in case you missed it, you can catch the Squadron 42 roadmap for a roadmap right here.


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