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Star Citizen Crosses New $700 Million Crowdfunding Milestone as Invictus Launch Week Ends

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Star Citizen has crossed another crowdfunding milestone, hitting over $703 million raised as the latest round of Invictus Launch Week wraps today.  

While the data comes straight from Cloud Imperium Games via the official funding stats page, a report over at IGN also broke some of the latest milestone down into some interesting numbers. Funding has been on the rise in the past few weeks since the adventure of the Alpha 3.23 Adventure Beckons update and notes that breaking down yesterday, May 28th’s, funding before the report was published, one particular hour brought in $42,886—and that was the low point at that point. 

At this point, most of us know that Star Citizen began its crowdfunding campaign 12 years ago, and while some have had their doubts, others have kept the faith, with their wallets open. This week, the latest edition of the Invictus Launch Week event took place, and will end today. With the big event, and the massive Free Fly that accompanies it, it’s probably not too surprising that they may be attracting some more dollars at this point. 

Back in February, Cloud Imperium confirmed some layoffs and a restructuring at the company, but soon after that, a letter from Chris Roberts released in March stated that they were focused on getting things moving, exiting alpha, and heading towards its 1.0 commercial release. “This means that the game is welcoming to new players, stable, and polished with enough gameplay and content to engage players continuously. In other words, it is no longer Alpha or Early Access,” Roberts said.

Hitting $703 million and counting can’t hurt that endeavor, but after a dozen years, most people are probably only going to believe it when Star Citizen 1.0 actually drops. 


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