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Star Citizen CitizenCon Shows Off New Planet Tech, Theatres of War Mode, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Citizen’s CitizenCon was in full swing this weekend and featured new features and modes.

First up, microTech is a new icy planet covered in snow, mountains and vegetation. microTech will be playable in 3.8, coming in December, with New Babbage coming in 2020.

A new web portal specifically designed for players new to Star Citizen is now live. It contains official tutorials, information for players who are just getting started and our “Guide System” which can match new players with a Star Citizen “Guide” to get them started in the ‘Verse.

A0 new game mode, called Theatres of War, was shown off. This mode combines the ship combat of Arena Commander and the on-foot gunplay of Star Marine. It’s designed for 40 players divided into two teams who battle it out for territory control across three rounds. Across the rounds, players will control multi-crew ships and on-foot combat as they train their way towards Persistent Universe combat supremacy.

Server-Side Object Container Streaming (SOCS) is new tech which was also shown off and will be implemented in 3.8 this December and aims to bring performance gains.

Also coming in 3.8, platform persistence is the first iteration of persistence in Star Citizen. Fewer wipes of player progress is expected, and the ability to play Star Citizen to accumulate currency, goods, ships and items in progression.

New Procedural Planet Tech was shown off. This planet tech includes multiple new systems that will increase both the diversity of our planetary environments as well as speed up development process, as it allows for less individual attention from our art team to create Star Citizen’s stunning locations. The new tech will be applied to all Star Citizen bodies in Alpha 3.8, and be used for all future development.

Finally a Galactapedia of all things Star Citizen lore was also launched.


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