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Star Citizen Celebrating Pride Month with Month Long Celebration

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Citizen is celebrating Pride Month all month long in a massive celebration. If you’re looking to participate, here’s how.

The month-long event is called Show Us Your Colors Celebration 2021. The rules are pretty simple. You just need to capture a screenshot, craft a card, bake a cake, make a video, or anything else to show your celebration of Pride Month. Additionally, it needs to be as colorful as possible.

The team notes they’ll accept all submissions to be organized in their annual Pride Gallery. This gallery will then be hosted on their official site. Unlike other events, there won’t be the usual podium awards. Instead, the team will give away 10 Drake Cutlass Reds.

As for submissions, you are allowed to submit more than one, so go nuts. However, group submissions are not allowed. Additionally, no matter how many entries you submit, you can still only win one Cutlass.

You can post an image or video on the submission thread here. Additionally, you can submit your entry on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using #PrideMonth2951. You have until Tuesday, June 25 to submit your entries. You can check out the full rules here. For more information on this event, check the event page here.

If you’re playing Star Citizen, you’re most likely enjoying Alpha 3.13.0 which released back in April. And earlier this year, Cloud Imperium announced CitizenCon to be held later this year on October 9. You can learn about this all-digital event here.


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