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Star Citizen AMA Looks at the Quantum System

Lot of tech and details

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent Star Citizen AMA looks at the Quantum system. The AMA featured Senior Technical Designer Jake Muehle and more. Here’s what we learned.

If you’re unfamiliar with Quantum, it’s described as the, “behind-the-scenes system that will allow Star Citizen devs to create and manage a realistic and dynamic universe through in-world actions by NPCs.”

To that end, here’s what was shared. Tech requirements for Quantum’s implementation may not necessarily be dependent on server meshing and iCache,

“Server meshing and ICache will definitely help this process, but our tech requirements are more on being able to read and write to other existing services already, like the Shopping Service, the Probability Volume service, and a new Dynamic Mission Service.”

Additionally, Quantum looks like it will be utilized to create missions depending on “aggregate functions of quanta.” This is a dynamic mission system which will be created depending on what exactly that quanta are doing and the services they require.

Derelict ships were also touched on, and the question was posed on whether or not quantum would be used to generate them. Jake responded,

“Absolutely. Contextually appropriate content like this is exactly what Quantum aims to achieve. Get away from hand-placed content and make the game dynamically spawn content where it's most appropriate at that moment.”

You can check out the full AMA here.


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