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Star Citizen Alpha Previews Spawn Closets and New Mission Types

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The next Star Citizen update is shaping up and Cloud Imperium has released some new details about what's coming in Alpha 15, including spawn closets, and a series of new mission types and options.

Just what are spawn closets? Well, they're a new addition that will ground spawns in the environment as they'll be essentially containers where NPCs will spawn and despawn. They're going in as rooms or elevators, so they will also (probably) mean the end of NPCs spawning out of thin air. They'll initially be added underground and expand later. 

There will be ways to control the flow of where NPCs will come from, so there is still an element of surprise possible, but players will also have a better way to know where spawns may come from and shore up some strategic defense planning.

Also coming are some new missions that will also take advantage of the spawn closets. These new mission types are:

  • Eliminate All: Requires players to kill all enemy NPCs at a location.
  • Eliminate Specific: Requires players to kill a predetermined target.
  • Eliminate Boss: Players are tasked with killing a heavily armored target, who only comes out of hiding to avenge the death of their crew.
  • Steal: Players enter a hostile location to identify and steal a number of items guarded by hostiles.
  • Dangerous Collect: Requires players to search a friendly facility for boxes using information in their mobiGlas. At any point during the mission, small enemy assaults can be triggered, which players can choose to avoid or aid the facility's defenders in repelling.
  • Defend: Players join friendly NPCs in defending a facility from multiple waves of enemies. In addition to the basic mission reward, players will receive a bonus for each friendly NPC that survives to the end.

The mission types can also have modifiers that change the scope and challenge, like everyone's favorite mission type: "fail if non-combatants are killed".  


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