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Star Citizen - Alpha 3.20: Fully Loaded Overhauls Arena Commander in a Big Way, Adds Ships, and New Mission

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Star Citizen has just released Alpha 3.20, “Fully Loaded”. It's a big update, with new content, new maps, new ships, and top to bottom Arena Commander overhaul, complete with new content.

This Alpha update adds two new ships, the MISC Hull C and Mirai Fury LX. The Hull C is is a large cargo hauler capable of carrying a four-person crew and the devs call is a game changer for cargo haulers. The capacity is large and even supports auto cargo loading and unloading at space stations. The new Mirai is a racing variant of the Mirai Fury snub fighter. This one is another racing option for those who enjoy the fast, competitive lane. 

The Salvage Cover Up mission is a new salvage mission in the update. You have to track down a criminal ship and remove any markings off the hall so the ship can evade identification by any snooping authorities. Of course, this won't be easy–or unanswered. But if you are into the reward for helping some criminal enterprise, it might be worth your time.

The update has something for anyone interested in cargo hauling, salvage, racing, and combat. The big highlight is a big overhaul to Arena Commander. Since 2014, Arena Commander has been a smaller space to access a number of modes and maps, in order to change and try out different ships, collect some rewards for your time, and simulate a number of ship-based single and multiplayer experiences. Arena Commander’s rework is a top to bottom series of changes and additions. You can access this mode through a single window, and there are now spawn screens that you can look at being able to check out the map and even change your loadout or your ship.

There are new modes and new maps for Arena Commander. If you're more combat oriented,”Single Weapon Elimination” or “Gun Rush” are here, and there’s even “Tank Royale” which is exclusive to Nova tanks. There are also more ways to engage in dogfighting, and several brand new racetracks to master.

You can find out more over at Star Citizen.


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