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Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 Will Help Make Landing Easier

New Water and New Voxel-Based Fire Also Mentioned

Garrick Durham-Raley Updated: Posted:
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Star Citizen has recently detailed a new feature being introduced in patch Alpha 3.10 that will help make landing in spaceports a lot easier for players.

The latest Inside Star Citizen video discusses the introduction Landing Splans as part of Alpha patch 3.10. Cities where spaceports are inside the city, like Lorville and Area 18, will benefit the most from this new feature. When you request landing permission, an augmented reality hud will appear helping you navigate to the landing dock. This will have the added benefit of improving the performance of Star Citizen when landing in ports. Since the AR guide is composed of simple shaps and meshes, it doesn't take a lot of processing to render them.

Additionally, this new Inside Star Citizen video covers other features such as new water that is dynamically affected by wind and a very early look at effects for voxel-based fire propagation. Recently, the developers released a video talking about Salvage in Star Citizen, as well as a Roadmap Roundup that takes a look at thruster efficiency and a rework of the ship HUD.


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