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Star Citizen - Alpha 3.10 Postmortem Information Released

A Breakdown of Alpha 3.10

Steven Weber Posted:
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The Star Citizen developers over at Cloud Imperium have released information related to Alpha 3.10, now that the game is transitioning into new features and content, the team looks back at what they’ve learned. The insight into their metrics are meant to give the community an idea of how they will move forward with development.

The postmortem looks at a number of different factors, from how vehicles performed in basic flight and mobility, to how they reacted in combat. As an excerpt from the article, the team asked themselves “Why should I have a player in my turret when it would be more effective for them to bring along a second ship?” which they attempted to answer with Alpha 3.10:

“With a slew of improvements and a heavily rewritten codebase, turrets are now an extremely lethal option when manned and provide a force multiplier for the ship”

They also delved into the usage of cover by NPCs, and how AI dealt with utilizing the shotgun. Cloud Imperium views these metrics and their thoughts on them as high-level thoughts that will inextricably assist in how the game will be molded in the future.

Recently Cloud Imperium Games released their latest Roadmap Roundup, and reassured their player base that Star Citizen, despite it’s current ongoing development, won’t take 10 to 20 years to deliver.


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