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Standalone Battle Royale Mode Arrives in Skyforge

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Skyforge has been updated to bring the standalone Battle Royale mode into the game. Battle Royale is a separate game mode and players are not required to have characters in the main Skyforge game. Simply launch Skyforge and choose Battle Royale to be sent to the new game mode and to choose a premade character to duke it out with other former gods to become the last one standing.

Class abilities do not work here, but there are 12 heroes with unique skills. They can deploy turrets, detect enemies, and even become invisible. Many surprises await players in the area, some of them pleasant, some not so much. Objective of the first half of the match: find as much gear and gadgets as you can.

Battle Royale arsenal includes: armor and three types of weapons - bullet-based, explosive, and plasma weapons. You can also carry medicaments, grenades, various traps, devices and gadgets. Use them to drive your opponents crazy: lure them into a psychic energy field or turn into a plant.

Read the full update notes on the Skyforge site.


Suzie Ford

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