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Square Enix's 'Project Athia' Official Name Is 'Forspoken,' Coming In 2022

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During today's Spring 2021 Showcase, Square Enix pulled the veil back ever so slightly on Project Athia, revealing the lead actor performing the mocap and voice acting for Frey, as well as the official title of the upcoming game. Project Athia is officially revealed to be called Forspoken, and will be coming in 2022.

Revealed last June during PlayStation's "The Future of Gaming" showcase, Forspoken is being worked on by the team at Luminous Productions. Not much is [still] known about what exactly Forspoken is, but the gameplay shown off sees the main character, Frey Holland, zipping through the air.

Played by Ella Balinska, the reveal at the end showcases a tiny glimpse of Forspoken in action, with Frey and an unnamed companion escaping the clutches of a massive dragon. We still don't know what exactly Forspoken will be, though Square Enix is billing it as a "narrative-driven adventure set in a beautiful yet cruel world." Frey shows off her ability to just easily traverse the world as flashy as humanly possible, while also using her magical abilities to take out enemies ahead of her.

Forspoken will be available in 2022 on both PC and the PlayStation 5. Check out the full trailer in the embed below.


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