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Square Enix Releases Details on Final Fantasy XIV Patch Series 6.1: Newfound Adventure

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Final Fantasy XIV is set up for the long-term, and now, Square Enix is lifting the lid on what we can expect from update 6.1: Newfound Adventure, which will be released in mid-April.

While there was already some info about things we can expect over the course of the next several updates, now we know exactly what the plan is for April. Newfound Adventure will bring new main scenario quests to complete, along with new sidequests - Tataru’s Grand Endeavour –and new Tribe quests - The Arkasodara. The latter two will arrive in patch 6.15. if you need more to occupy your time adventuring, Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures are also coming in 6.15 and Omega: Beyond the Rift, will be releases within the 6.1x frame.

The April patch also kicks off the promised Duty Support system, and improves A Realm Reborn’s main scenario quests (2.0). There’s a new dungeon coming, a new Trial, The Endsinger’s Aria, a new Unreal Trial, Ultima’s Bane, and a new Alliance Raid. There are both new PvE and PvP challenges to take on, since there’s also a new Ultimate Duty coming in 6.11, Dragonsong’s Reprise, and Crystalline Conflict arriving new for PvP.

A new residential district, Empyreum, is coming, along with new Custom Deliveries (6.15) and Adventurer Plates. There will even be additional chapters for those running New Game+. This in addition to new mounts, emotes, and minions. And a series of tech side improvements, like the Data Center Travel patch coming in 6.18 and a way to try on items from the FFXIV online store. 

The Data Center Travel feature will let players in different regions to enjoy a way of playing together, so this feature is one to look out for.

The roadmap for the series of features within Newfound Adventure is pretty packed, so we can expect these to roll out during the related sequence of updates, but the support is strong. With Naoki Yoshida recently stating that they’re looking long term and preparing for the next decade, this list shows the start of those plans, and  is a very good start after Endwalker.


Christina Gonzalez

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