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Square Enix Has Released the Extensive Full Patch Notes for Final Fantasy XIV Update 6.1, Newfound Adventure

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Square Enix has released the full patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV update 6.1, Newfound Adventure., which is out tomorrow.

For those who have finished Endwalker, the new main scenario quests in this update will be ready to go. There are 10 quests, with only the first title, Newfound Adventure, being revealed now to avoid spoilers. All will require you to have attained level 90. Also coming in this update are new Chronicles of a New Era quests and New Role quests.

One of the other major parts of this new update is the opening of Empyreum, the new residential area where players will be able to enter the recently-updated lottery system to see if they’re lucky enough to win the chance to buy a plot of land for themselves or their Company. Since the Oceania data center was a new addition, all plots on servers housed in this data center will be up for sale. This will also follow the new housing lottery rules. All plots for sale will also have dedicated wards for both private  estates and those up for ownership by free companies. To prevent bidding just for resales, you'll also have to be a member in your free company for a minimum of 30 days before you're eligible to bid on a plot.

The Duty Support System (replacing the Scenario Mode) will also debut, giving solo players a way to enjoy main scenario content in FFXIV with recruitable NPCs. Initially, there will be content from A Realm Reborn, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker, with more coming over time.

There's a brand new dungeon being added in this update, but details and title are yet unrevealed for spoiler reasons. This dungeon will be available as part of the Duty Support System.

They've also added new furniture and decoration items,  as well as other cosmetic items, new seeds for flower pots, paintings, and more aesthetic items. You’ll also find a long list of  updates to character customization, as well as a ton of class updates, tweaks, and additions.   

Head over to the extensive patch notes to see just what is included, as well as a key showing what will be available for the expansions you own (if you’re not up to date through Endwalker).


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