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Square Enix Brings Dungeon Siege LAND to The Sandbox in New Metaverse Deal

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The Sandbox is an Animoca Brands division and  gaming world system dedicated to virtual worlds within an overall broad metaverse  platform. Now, they’ve announced a new partnership with Square Enix to bring a Dungeon Siege LAND together on this new decentralized platform.

The idea is the platformis not just a place to host content, but it’s a place to build your own corner with ownership, so the company behind The Sandbox is heavily diving into the metaverse concept. The platform is voxel-based and also features a number of creation and modification tools, so user-generated experiences and exclusive content are highly important here. They’ve already partnered with other well-known IP like Ubisoft’s Rabbids.

Dungeon Siege has always been about inspiring adventure and entering The Sandbox metaverse to empower players to craft their own personal adventures opens an exciting new chapter for the franchise,” said Square Enix’ Hideaki Uehara in a release about the collaboration. There will be a curated adventure that anyone can play through and learn to create new quests and content of their own.

The Dungeon Siege IP is coming in two ways. The first, Square Enix brings its IP to this platform with integrated RPG experiences as one of the LANDs that The Sandbox specializes in. So players can enter and enjoy Dungeon Siege experiences in this voxel space and learn how to create their own experiences and take elements they experience back into their own creativity within their spaces there. One appeal in bringing Dungeon Siege to The Sandbox is the game’s legacy with the modding community. Since players and IP holders and other creators can all build and host content and experiences with both original content and licensed stuff.

Having user-generated content, using original content or licensed IPs is nothing new, but with the influx of companies pivoting over to calling themselves metaverse platforms, it’s front and center recently. Whether it’s through a closed system or exploring blockchain and NFTs (which The Sandbox is all in on), we’re in a new era. Some beloved classic IPs are coming with us.

For more, see more over at The Sandbox. 


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