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Square Enix Announces Project Triangle Strategy From The Octopath Traveler Team, Demo Available Now

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Square Enix is returning once again to its tactical RPG roots, announcing Project Triangle Strategy from the acclaimed Octopath Traveler team, revealed during today's Nintendo Direct

A working title right now (though we all remember Project Octopath Traveler, right?), the tactical 2D RPG feels like Square Enix's attempt at a Fire Emblem game, with "choices and consequences" that will affect the different branching storylines and allies you can adventure with. The combat system shown off rewards players for thinking...well...tactically, using flanking manuevers, terrain and more to your advantage.

You can check out the trailer from today's Nintendo Direct below. If you're looking to see it in action, you can head to the Nintendo eShop and grab the demo today.


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