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Spring Has Sprung in Black Desert Online Along with Big Node War Changes

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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After today's maintenance, Black Desert Online players will have new springy activities to participate in. New content includes the Blooming Blossoms event that will run from March 21st through April 10th and will allow players to trade event currency for "amazing rewards". In addition, the Plant-a-Tree event kicks off today and runs through April 3rd. Players can purchase a Cherry Blossom Seed from the Pearl Shop (1 Loyalty) to plant at their residence.

A number of significant changes have been applied to Node Wars including adding tiers of difficulty that "enforce different max AP and DP caps".

  • We hope that this change will make Node Wars more accessible to newer Guilds, and Guilds first venturing into the Node War scene. These max AP and DP caps for each node were implemented to provide a more obtainable goal as adventurers participate in Node Wars.

  • This system was first implemented in the Black Desert Global Lab on February 28th, and tier 1 nodes were divided based on your feedback. Tier 1 Nodes are now divided into Easy, Medium and Hard levels, each with different AP and DP restrictions.

  • The max AP and DP calibrations will be applied to skills performed by characters and their summons in PvP, but not when they are mounted on guild mounts or siege weapons. Damage reduction rate will be calculated without taking in the DP calibrations into account.

  • Please note that the new AP and DP calibrations will be applied to all those who are in an area in which a Node War for a Tier 1 Node is taking place.

Read the full update notes on the Black Desert Online site.


Suzie Ford

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