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Spring Has Sprung

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Fantage players will have tons of new things to do now that spring has officially sprung in game. There are new quests to complete, limited event items, six new mini-games and a new six-player group game to participate in.

  • Clover and Flower Hunts: Over the next five days, players will need to hunt and find 20 clovers hidden across the Fantage towns. Three-leaf clovers will reward the player with stars. Lucky players will find a four-leaf clover and receive a free item.The Flower Hunt will begin on Thursday, March 22, and end on Monday, March 26. Players will need to find all 20 hidden flowers to receive 200 stars.
  • Limited Event Items:Starting on Thursday, March 22, players will be able to purchase a special pet named Springy. This colorful spring pet will be a great addition to any pet collection. Spring and St. Patrick's Day themed moodies, as well as a new friendship bracelet will be available in addition to a Limited Cart full of new items in Downtown.
  • Stamp Book:The stamp book has become one of the most anticipated features of any Fantageseasonal celebration.Fantagefans that complete all the Stamp Book activities during the event, including finding a lucky clover, will receive a free gift.
  • Group Game:Players will be assigned to a colored clover team. When a round starts, clovers will fall and players need to click a clover to collect it for their team. Players must click fast because clovers are available for all players to click. At the end, the team with the most clovers will win.
  • Six all-new mini-games, includingSpring Out, Run Springy Run, Spring Away, Picture Hunt, Flower Picking and Gizmo's Chase.

Find out more on the Fantage site.


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