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Spring festival Event

Keith Cross Posted:
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IGG has announced details of the Spring festival Event in Myth War II to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is almost here and the inhabitants of Myth War are looking for a brand new start. The Gods governing Rarus Continent have opened the Festal Treasury to see if any brave souls will pick up the gauntlet and fight without fear to grab these rare, divine treasures.

Event Duration

January 22 to January 31

Public access will be given during fixed time periods each day.

Event Description

Event One: Take the Festal Treasury

The Festal Treasury is an 8-story building. Each floor is guarded by a Patron Saint. Players must team up and battle against them and the Treasury Guards. As players venture to each new floor, the combat will become more intense as the Patron Saints you face get much tougher. Players will win Honor Points and even God’s Chest after the death of the Patron Saints and Treasure Guards. If there are players below Level 30 in party, bonus Honor Points will be given to all teammates.

Event Two: Honor Points Exchange

Players can go to Luna's Palace to exchange their Honor Points for many fabulous prizes. High level pieces, Saint Pets or Deity Beasts are included in the prize list.

Event Three: New Year’s Wishes

During the event period, the New Year’s Fairy will be available for everyone to send their Chinese New Year’s wishes. Each player has only one chance to send their New Year’s wishes every half hour. Prizes will be given for sending well wishes.

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Keith Cross