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Spooky Festivities Return, With a New Location and Items, to Final Fantasy XIV With All Saint's Wake

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Final Fantasy XIV is gearing up for the next edition of All Saints’ Wake. The spooky seasonal event is happening at its normal time in the fall this year, after happening early in the year after last year’s event was delayed into January after the Endwalker expansion release was delayed. The team has a new blog on this year’s event with all that’s new this time around.

The event has new quests and new rewards this year, as well as an all new location to explore. Grab the event quest, “A Mad Masquerade” from the Adventurer’s Guild investigator in Old Gridania, and get ready for spooky season when the event begins on October 19th.

The Haunted Manor returns and the new location for this year is a festive themed garden, decorated in the spookiest of fun ways. Expect pumpkins, decorative lighting, and a huge pumpkin centerpiece. There are also a few spots gGreat for photos in the area, and you can make your way around the yard as you are or find the unsavory imp and transform into characters you've met. 

Some of the event items include the Wake Doctor’s Outfit, which is a dyeable long doctor’s coat complete with the usual Final Fantasy belts and carrying pockets. There’s a brown belted pouch around the waist. There’s a tabletop furnishing, the Caged Wisp. This blue wisp has a dyeable cage so you can match it to your decor. Finally, there’s a seasonal new emote - Eat Pumpkin Cookie. Get ready to snack on some festive treats for the holiday and beyond. Maybe combine this with a friend using the tea drinking emote in one of those new photo spots.

The All Saint’s Wake event will run through November 1st at 7:59 AM PDT.  See the announcement over at Final Fantasy XIV.


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