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Spiritwood Material, Militias, and More Point 9 Discussed in Legends of Aria Stream

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In case you missed it, a Legends of Aria Town Hall showed off some of the upcoming elements for Point Release 9.

Kicking off with Point Release 9, the team discussed rank changes to discourage any manipulation of the system and instead be more based on participation. PvP balancing was also touched on, as were duel arenas. In essence, the system will allow players to duel 1v1, 2v3, and 3v3 if they so choose.

Militas were looked at as well, including a look at CTF. Spiritwood in particular was discussed, which is a global material. You can earn Spiritwood for your militia, but only if you control the Spiritwood King of the Hill. Spiritwood will allow you to bring in a battering ram which should be fun.

A Q&A also followed, with the team outlining the Gran Bazaar, which was discussed on their blog here.

Watch Highlight: Legends of Aria: Town Hall 1/31 at 9:30pm EST from legendsofaria on www.twitch.tv


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