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Spellbreak Is Launching Its First Seasonal Content Update

Titled Prologue: The Gathering Storm Coming On October 22nd

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Proletariat's recently releasedd spell-slinging battle roayle, Spellbreak, is getting its first content release. Titled Prologue: The Gathering Storm, the new update brings with it weekly quests, talents and an all new Clash mode.

The largest part of the update is the new Clash mode, which will see 9v9 deathmatch come to Spellbreak, with squads of 3 on each of the team. Additionally, the new content update will see new talents, such as Vigor which provides bonus health, and Foresight, reavealing nearby players and more on your minimap.

The Gathering Storm brings with it as well new weekly quests and unique rewards to Spellbreak, as well as cosmetics to the spellcasting battle royale. The new content will hit the free-to-play game on October 22nd, and will be free for all players. 

Proletariat also released a new trailer today, celebrating the release of Spellbreak, showcasing what critics across the industry have said about the free-to-play battle royale.

We reviewed Spellbreak when it released, with Robert praising the fun, impactful combat. However, it wasn't perfect, and while Robert enjoyed the slower paced combat, he definitely mentions it may not be for everyone.


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