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Special Daily Challenge Rewards Await in Red Dead Online

Plus twitch prime benefits

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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This week in Red Dead Online will features some specially daily challenge rewards and more.

These rewards include  10 Poison Arrows for 3 Daily Challenges, and 4 Collectible Coins for 6 Daily Challenges. Finally, you can also receive a free Treasure Map for 10 Daily Challenges.

Everything at Madam Nazar’s shop is 30% off, plus the Collector’s Bag now only costs 10 Gold Bars. Additionally, select camp amenities and upgrades are 40% off: Camp Dogs, Tents, Camp Themes, Camp Flags and Fast Travel Posts.

Some discounts include all pistols which are 35% off. This includes the Mauser, Semi-Automatic, and Volcanic Pistols. Additionally, players can still get 50% off Tier 3 Ability Card upgrades.

Finally, some ongoing Twitch Prime Benefits include a free Collector’s Bag, the Polished Copper Moonshine Still Upgrade, plus a Reward of 5 Moonshiner Role Ranks.

You can check out the full details of this week’s Red Dead Online update on Rockstar Newswire here. Additionally, in case you missed it, related Rockstar news includes the announcement of GTA V for next gen consoles. We don’t have a specific date yet, but you can read all about that announcement here.


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