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SpatialOS-based sandbox MMORPG 'Fractured' Receives Alpha November 20

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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SpatialOS-based sandbox MMORPG Fractured is set to receive their Alpha 2 on November 20.

In a blog post, all core features of the game are set to be implemented. The alpha will last for two weeks as well. Major features for this alpha include,

  • A large tech upgrade (Unity + SpatialOS + Launcher), which delivered shorter loading times, better framerate and more stable connections.
  • The first iteration of the Knowledge System, Fractured’s unique take on horizontal progression in an MMO.
  • 40+ abilities to learn from 23 different foes.
  • Two new points of interest: Heartwood and the Goblin Territories.
  • Handcarts to move heavy materials.

The test is open to anyone who has pledged at Patron level or higher, or anyone who purchases a Legend pack. There’s no NDA on the alpha. You can download the game here.


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