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Space Battles, Graphics Overhauls, New Market, as the Athena Update is Now Live in Dual Universe

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 After some final testing for polish and following a series of new reveals about what to expect, Novaquark has released the Athena update for Dual Universe today.

The Athena update, update 0.29, is named after the goddess of war and wisdom, and the many new features in this huge update will shape the future of Dual Universe. From space PVP, the ability to claim and contest resource hotspots in space, a brand new first time user experience (FTUE), and graphical overhauls, this update is packed with features.

When Novaquark decided to announce the update and name it a Fina, the original tagline was to prepare for war. And that is definitely represented here  with the new Alien Space Core units that you can find scattered around. If you capture and successfully hold them, resource hauls are yours.

Battles get a new angle with the addition of stasis weapons. Use a stasis weapon and slow down enemy ships, which might give you just enough time to escape or prevent successful attacks. Speaking of speed, there has also been an adjustment to space travel speed for balance purposes. Smaller constructs will go faster and heavier ships will move more slowly. There are also many new graphical updates including to the brand-new Skybox, improved water, and other polished visuals.

Some of the other significant updates include the new system map features to the introduction of the Aegis Market where players can access the market in the void of space and trade without even getting out of the ship.  Market is also important because it's located in the center of the safe zone. You will be able to dock if you want and use the market directly. 

The updated First Time User Experience (FTUE)  will also make the game friendlier to those who are new or simply want to slow down the experience a little bit. Every player will have a Safe Moon territory without PVP. They're permanent so you can claim them with a persistent residence without needing to pay upkeep costs. This will let players progress at their own pace and also take a break without worry.

For full details on the update, head over to Dual Universe. 


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