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South Park Becomes Real as WoW Player Kills Boars to Grind 60 Levels

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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South Park is real as one WoW Classic player stayed in the forest and killed boars to grind 60 levels.

The player in question is DrFive who actively avoided and ignored any non-boar creature and non-boar mob to grind these levels. Unlike South Park, he didn’t do this impressive feat purely in the Elwynn Forest, but the task is no less commendable. Here’s the South Park video for a quick refresher:

As for stats, the effort took a total of 10 days played, with 10,000 boars killed. This resulted in 30 deaths and 22 million damage dealt. DrFive provided the following commentary as well,

“Also, if you remember the video from classic winds you should kill 18058 boars without rested XP and I killed 10655 with rested XP so in the end I would be around 3k boars extra compared to the ideal number. I did not take a shortcut by doing it this way, I took the hard road, no help from others. But yeah it was fun and terrible at the same time.”

Check out his heroic efforts below

Thanks IcyVeins.


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