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SoulWorker Received Violent Sun Raid

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Anime MMORPG SoulWorker has received a new raid called Violent Sun. Here are the details you’ll need to know.

The Violent Sun raid is now available, challenging even the most skilled players around the globe. In Violent Sun, you’re taken to an area overrun by Rapid Flame forces where they confront one of the game’s strongest enemies, Flemma, the leader of Vessi.

You’ll be able to check out Violent Sun if you’re level 72 or higher. The final boss, Flemma, who presents a more diverse skill pattern sure to challenge seasoned playerd. If you clear the raid, you will be rewarded with Violent Sun’s Phase 3 Conquer Box in which one of the most advanced Pale Ashes or Burning Embers equipment appears at random.

YongNam Jo, SoulWorker director, Lion Games, said of the raid in a press release,

“After SoulWorker’s re-launch earlier this year, we are continuously supporting our dedicated global fanbase with major content updates, Violent Sun being the latest. The new Violent Sun raid bosses will be unlike anything players have encountered, with newer and more diverse attack patterns which we carefully developed, keeping our fanbase’s enjoyment top-of-mind. We are committed to providing SoulWorker fans with more post-launch content in the future – stay tuned!”

Alongside the raid, look forward to new items in SoulWorker including a Raid Upgrade Support package, Violent Sun Challenge package, and the Followers of the Vacuum costumes. The Raid Upgrade package comes with Anti-Limiters, Anti-Destruction Devices, Weapon Extensions and more.

Last summer, SoulWorker Anime Legends released onto iOS and Android.


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