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SoulWorker Anime Legends Available Now on iOS and Android

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Gameforge has announced that their Action MMO SoulWorker Anime Legends is now available on both iOS and Android. Here are the details.

SoulWorker Anime Legends marks the latest entry into the SoulWorker franchise, bringing the F2P MMORPG to mobile fo the first time. New to the mobile versions is new language localization, new community and support pages for western players, additional regional servers, and gameplay adjustments.

Gameforge Executive Producer, Botond Nemeth, provided the following statement in the accompanying press release,

“Following the success of publishing SoulWorker in western territories in 2018, Gameforge is proud to work with Aprogen Games to release the latest game in the series on mobile platforms. Whether you’re an existing SoulWorker fan or someone who has yet to experience its exciting, anime-themed action, SoulWorker Anime Legends is an excellent adaptation of the popular MMORPG that fits in your pocket.”

Additional new features include new quests, new solo gameplay comprised of the cast of highly-specialized class-based characters from the SoulWorker universe. These include Haru Estia (Soulum Sword class), Lilly Bloommerchen (Mist Scythe class), Erwin Arclight (Gun Jazz class), Jin Seipatsu (Spirit Arms class), Stella Unibell (Howling Guitar class), and Iris Yuma (Hammer Stol class).

Additionally, new areas, maps, content, mazes, plus new PvE and PvP features are introduced such a new ranking system. You can check out SoulWorker Anime Legends now on the App Store and Google Play.


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