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'Souls: Academy of Hunters' is a Fighting RPG Where Your Choices Matter

Hunt the Void

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Souls: Academy of Hunters is a new fighting RPG on Kickstarter where your decisions have a real impact and you can shape the story.

The campaign is asking for just over $65,000 in funding with 44 days left. It’s described as an RPG where your decisions matter with the possibility of different endings. The game features hunters described as strong warriors who protect humanity from monsters known as Voids. These Voids are seemingly drawn to human emotion.

You’ll be able to play as either Nix or Adam. Nix is described a girl dreaming of becoming a Huntress. Adam is described as a childhood friend of Nix who has goals of becoming a Hunter. The game is said to have classic RPG mechanics like puzzles and an open world, while an uncommon combat system will be featured.

As to where the money will go,

“The funds raised will go directly to the project, that is, it will be used to pay: Music, Drawing and Code, as well as extra fees to be able to publish it on sites such as Steam and Epic Games Store. Im glad to say that I will publish the game in smartphones so everyone can play this game.”


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