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Soulbound Studios Posts Update on Settlers of Elyria

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Soulbound Studios developer Ashkain has posted an update on the Settlers of Elyria event in Chronicles of Elyria. Here are the details.

The post starts by addressing what the team is currently working on, which is addressing the issue of why Settlers pretty much tanked when under load. It continues that it was an architectural and design problem, and is being fixed now. Additional bugs were founding, which are also being addressed. UX and UI improvements with respect to Domain and Settlement Selection maps are also being looked into.

When taken all into account, the original plan for the website and features have, “taken a scheduling hit,”

“This is not at all insurmountable, but it means the web team needs to continue planning carefully. As a studio, our main focus is building toward our Pre-Alpha. I am helming our efforts when it comes to online experiences, outside of the game, which means I’m focused on building tools and experiences for all of our backers to be a part of the story and legend of Chronicles of Elyria while the core game team focuses on the Pre-Alpha.”

The next update from Ashkain will be when the team is able to show the fruits of these efforts. You can read the full post here.


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