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Soulbound Studios Discusses The Way Forward For Chronicles Of Elyria In New Post

Reactivating Forums And Transparency

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In a new news post on the Chronicles of Elyria website, Soulbound Studios' Jeromy Walsh details what he sees as "The Way Forward" for crowd-funded MMORPG. Originally announced it was shuttering, the team at Soulbound attempted to clarify its status back in April, mentioning that it was never his "intent to permanently end the development of [Chronicles of Elyria]," and indeed mentioned that the devleopment was continuing thanks to many team members staying on to help while he figures out a way to move forward.

It seems today's blog post is that first step, as Walsh breaks down what Elyria backers can expect to see in the coming weeks with the MMORPG. Walsh mentions that the forums for Chronicles of Elyria are re-enabled in a "read-only" format, stating that they don't have the bandwidth to "ensure a safe place for the community." Walsh states that this is done to "preserve the community history," and while the forums are reactivated, they will be without one noteable piece of that history -  the forum posts regarding the original statment announcing the ending of development.

In the interest of transparency, we have removed all threads from March 24th forward to the state they were in just prior to our controversial March 24th post. We’ve done so to keep the focus on the state of the game and development. You’ll be able to reference all of the discussion threads from the inception of this project. It is our intent to, at some point, re-open the forums once we have established a new volunteer moderation team.

Additionally, Chronicles of Elyria will be releasing a "series of video posts" to discuss the state of development with backers looking for some update as to where the state of the game is currently. No time table is really given for when fans might expect this series other than the "coming weeks."

Over the past few months, during our ongoing conversations about the best pathway to deliver Chronicles of Elyria to you, we’ve had to take inventory and revisit our past progress on the game. Much work has been completed but it is not yet ready for release. Because we want you to be a part of this process, even in its current state, we have decided to start a series of video posts where we can discuss and show you the state of development -- what’s done, what’s not done, and what needs to be improved before it’s ready for release; as well as share our plans for moving forward. We’ll announce the date of the first installment shortly.

Finally, the post wraps up by announcing that the parkour demo put out right before the initial shuttering of Chronicles of Elyria will be made available to all backers with accounts in good standing, not just the Alpha 1 backers. Walsh states that this "in no way replaces the game we have promised to deliver," but is teasing it as a taste of what the Elyria universe has to offer while his team continues development.

While it might be mere coincidence, the timing of this update is interesting, especially after the large Discord channel devoted to a potential class action lawsuit against Soulbound Studios recently provided an update to its followers. Either way, you can read the full post in its entirety on the Chronicles of Elyria website. 


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