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Sony Releases An Updated List of Over 30 PSVR 2 Launch Titles, Including Zenith: the Last City

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Sony has updated its list of launch titles for PlayStation VR2 ahead of the February 22nd launch.  There are now over 30 games that are scheduled to come out in the launch window, which runs through March. Among them are Ramen VR’s successful VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City and No Man's Sky.

Some of the new additions to the list include Pavlov VR,  a multiplayer PC shooter that places you into a co-op fight against zombies in VR. Song of the Smoke: Rekindled is an action survival adventure game in VR where you get to craft, hunt, and otherwise survive by building, making yourself potions and using other crafting elements familiar to the survival genre. Those are some of the launch titles we can expect when PSVR2 launches next month.

The list published by Sony today shows whether or not the individual titles will be completely new to purchase, or whether they will be free updates to an existing game that upgrades the experience. For example,Zenith: The Last City will  be a launch title via a free upgrade. No Man's Sky looks to be a full separate launch. Games like Pavlov VR and Song in the Smoke are also full launches. 

Also on the way is PSVR2 signature launch title Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a spinoff of the Horizon series from Guerrilla Games and Firesprite. You play as a new protagonist, Ryas, through a new, but related story in the first person action adventure game. The developers also note that you will encounter original Horizon protagonist Aloy on your journey. 

These are all considered launch window releases, while some will be ready on day one when the  PlayStation VR2 releases on February 22nd. you can read the full list of games, and how they plan to be released, over at PlayStation. 


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