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Sony May Reveal PS5 Price and Pre-Order Info Tomorrow, September 9

Time is running out

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In some more next-gen console news, it looks like an announcement is set for tomorrow, September 9 regarding PS5 pricing and pre-order information.

The news arrives via Express.co.uk which writes that a now-deleted Tweet by GAME pointed to a September 9 announcement which would provide some additional information on a price and pre-order info.

The Tweet read,

“Those awaiting preorders and have Ryi. Please standby for updates. PS5 have scheduled an announcement tomorrow so things are about to kick off this week."

This news arrives soon after Microsoft’s own announcement earlier today confirming the Xbox Series S which will be priced at $299 and will release on November 9. PS5 has two SKUs which they have announced as the PS5 and the All-Digital PS5, the latter of which does not contain a disc drive.

We’ll have to sit tight as there now appears to be only a few months left in the year with some major questions still outstanding from both Sony and Microsoft.


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