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Someone Circumnavigated the Entire Galaxy in Elite Dangrous

Took 4 months

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Someone has circumnavigated the Milky Way in Elite Dangerous. Yes. Seriously.

One dedicated player spent four months flying around the Milky Way Galaxy in Elite Dangerous in their carrier ship, FC Nanachi. Redditor u/Theslong published their flight path on the Reddits. The image is actually viewable above as well.

They spent some time in comments fielding questions from the community. Reflecting on their adventure, they wrote,

“I had many moments where I just wanted to quit, but I somehow managed to continue on. I am so damn excited right now, that I forgot many things which I wanted to say... Ah, dang it, guess I will add that later on, after things calm down.”

The whole trip took four months with the initial trip from Colonia to Beagle. This amounted to 952 carrier jumps. Distance traveled included 424,907.78LY. Fuel usage was, expectedly, high consuming 93,200 units of tritium. You can check out their Tritium mining locations here, in addition to the Tritium mining build here.

This impressive feat harkens to another space-faring game, EVE Online, where Katia Sae became the first player who explored every single reachable system without a single combat loss. You can check out our interview here.

Image via Reddit u/Theslong


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