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Some of Atlas's Most Punishing Features to be Toned Down in the Next Pair of Patches

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Atlas is going to be getting a pretty hefty update today that is bringing a number of significant changes to systems that have been identified as some of its most punishing. In particular, cooking, land ownership, survivalism, progression and creature balance are getting tweaked. "We like it a little rough, but we understand when things go too far, sometimes it just takes the fun out and that's when we need to consider -- is this piece of the puzzle really worth it?" developers wrote.

Some of the changes will be implemented in today's patch, while others will come in v10:

Is this piece of the puzzle really worth it?

Sometimes aye, but also, sometimes nay! At times we should consider not punching people in the face when all they want to do is sail their raft and build a thatched home. What are some of the nays? Cooking, land ownership, survivalism, progression, and creature balance. Here are some of the adjustments we’re going to make to deal with the nay

You can read the extensive patch notes on the Atlas site.


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