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Solo Map Selection Leaving with Release of the Sanhok Map

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developers have posted a new blog on the game's Steam page to inform the community that, once the new Sanhok map is released next week, solo map selection will be going away. "We can't support individual map selection for more than two maps", the blog reads. As a result, the matchmaking pool is split into too many small sections which increases queue times.

We still want to make sure that players can play on Sanhok without any hassle, especially given that it’s an exciting new map. So, at least for now, we’re going to launch Sanhok as its own queue, with Miramar and Erangel bundled together in a separate queue. That means that in the new UI, you’ll be able to queue up for Sanhok by itself, or Erangel + Miramar together. Choosing both queues means you’ll randomly be dropped into one of the three maps currently in the game.

The blog goes on to reiterate the team's commitment to adding new maps, with each being added to one of the existing queues.

Lastly, players taking part in Sanhok will not feature MMR-based matchmaking. The idea is to create a "truly chaotic, different gaming experience". Career stats will be recorded, but performance will not affect MMR.

Read the full update on the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Steam page.


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