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SOLO AMA Talks Monetization, Loot Boxes, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, the folks behind upcoming MMORPG, Swords of Legends Online, held an AMA on Reddit and discussed various details regarding monetization, loot boxes, and more.

As a quick heads up, SOLO is currently scheduled to release on July 9, which is this upcoming Friday. If you missed our previous reporting on that announcement, you can catch up here. This AMA, which we reported on last week, was held with the community and discussed several different facets and features of the game leading to this launch.

A few of the questions directly touched on monetization. One user asked about plans for future monetization and whether or not the team would keep it strictly to cosmetics or expand it to boosts. The team replied succinctly:

“We don't plan any boosts, nope.

Next to the cosmetic shop we will have a Battlepass (purely cosmetic ofc), which we actually showed off in our latest stream!

- GD Atmorph”

Another community member followed up and asked about loot boxes, to which the team replied noting that since there aren’t loot box equivalents in the Chinese version, they don’t foresee their implementation in the Western version.

A question further on asked about guild housing if you and your guildies wanted to build some epic guild house. The team replied,

“Currently housing is bound to one player, though you can give out access and permissions for up to 20 players. There are guild castles later down the road in a bigger update for that part of the game, those aren't housing related however.

- CM Phaendar”

You can check out the full AMA over on Reddit. And stay tuned for our coverage of SOLO once it goes live this Friday.


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