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Solasta: Crown of the Magister's Sorcerer Update Coming On July 13th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Solasta is getting its next class this month, as the Sorcerer update will hit PCs on July 13th. In addition to the new class, the tactical RPG will also include the Iron Man difficulty mode, something that was promised to backers of the initial 2019 Kickstarter campaign.

As the first major update since hitting 1.0 back in MaySolasta: Crown of the Magister will be releasing its Sorcerer class this month. The class update will see three available subclasses hit with the update, providing plenty of variation for players to choose from.

"As promised during our Kickstarter, the Sorcerer is coming for free next week to Solasta - with three archetypes to choose from! Sorcerers are powerful spellcasters with the innate ability to cast magic using their Charisma attribute. While they do not know as many spells as a Wizard would, they more than make up for that with their ability to twist their spells thanks to their Metamagic feature. The three available subclasses are:

  • Draconic Sorcerer: Draconic Sorcerers’ powerful magic comes from their bloodline, which they claim can be traced back to powerful dragons of ancient times.
  • Mana Painter: Mana Painters were born out of the mana starvation that followed the Cataclysm, with some individuals suddenly gaining the innate ability to drain magic and use it as their own.
  • Child of the Rift: When the opening of the Rift forced a new magic brought by the gods of Tirmar into Solasta, those most deeply affected by it were named the Children of the Rift.

Additionally, the update itself will see the Iron Man difficulty mode hit Solasta, making the tactical RPG more challenging to, as the dev team puts it, "experts and masochists." Also hitting with the update is an update to the Dungeon Maker with three new environments, as well as bug fixes, improvements and more localization options for Brazilian Protuguese and Russian speakers.

We reviewed Solasta: Crown of the Magister when it released out of Early Access, with our reviewer Robin enjoying the PC RPG immensely. She especially loved the way Solasta implemented Dungeons & Dragons' Fifth Edition ruleset, as well as varied ways to tailor the RPG to your specific playstyle.


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