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Snowflake Festival and New Year's Celebrations Descend on Taborea

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Runes of Magic players can head into the game from today through January 2nd to take part in the game's annual Snowflake Festival as well as check out forthcoming New Year's content. Even monsters are in the holiday spirit and will drop gifts for adventurers who manage to "liberate" them from their cold dead hands. 

Rally your friends and guild mates together and defeat the bosses from the instances listed below. This will give you a chance to collect the prized “Proofs of Myth”! Just remember that each boss only carries a certain number of Proofs, irrespective of how many fighters defeat them. Certain bosses in the following instances are carrying the reward with them:

  • Sydaphex in the Hall of Survivors
  • Sirloth in the Hall of the Demon Lord
  • Hidden Box (of Horatio Tia) in Sardo Castle
  • Jenny Giant in the Tomb of the Seven Heroes (Hard)

In addition to these instances, you’ll also find bosses in the Ancient Dreamland during the event which will reward you with an additional Coin of Ice (7 Days) for each boss defeated. Visit the Varanas Central Plaza (Channel 1), where once per day Owenstein will exchange the coins found in the instance for more Proofs of Myth. Go and pay him a visit!

Check out the Runes of Magic site for more information.


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