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Slay Two New Cyclops Bosses For Guaranteed Legendary Gear in New World's Legacy of Crassus Event

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 New World is getting its next in-game event next week, with the threat of Rome to Aeternum taking center stage in the new Legacy of Crassus event.

This new event will begin on February 21st and run through March 7th, giving everyone a few weeks to enjoy the all new event and grab some daily rewards too. This is another in the series of content additions and events that blends Aeternum’s fictional world and supernatural influences with some historical inspiration. 

“The Corrupted Legion transforms the land into barren dirt, mud, and dust. Tall banners extend upwards and small fires burn along the ground. Elite Legionnaire soldiers patrol the perimeter while a Signifer Nerva casts a spell in the middle. Moments later a portal opens…”

And with that portal opening, come Crassus’ cyclops captains, Lucanus and Decimus. They’re level 66 and have some huge weapons to watch out for. You will be able to earn a special cache every day by taking on these new bosses. The rewards will reset at 5 AM local time for the dailies.

When taking on the battles as a group, every player has to deal at least 1,000 damage to get the reward drops at the end. 

So what are these rewards?  Those caches will contain one Legendary piece of gear guaranteed. What’s more, things are structured such that if you defeat the bosses eight times, You will be guaranteed to receive every single reward. So, if you want a particular piece of gear, be patient and just keep taking on these cyclops invaders. Other rewards will also drop, from Umbral Shards to obsidian gypsum, and a chance at a special craft mod that you can use to add special affects to crafted items.

You can take on the bosses more than once a day, since you won’t walk away empty-handed if you do. These are separate pools from the daily bonuses, but you will get one of the following every time you beat them during the event:

  • A random weapon or armor piece at their level (90% chance)
  • A special Named item from Brimstone Sands or greater Aeternum (10% chance)
  • Players will also get some level-appropriate consumables (health, mana, etc.)

Read the full details, including all rewards, over at New World.


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