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Skyward World Update for Revelation Online Previewed

New dungeon, City of the Demon Gods

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Revelation Online has previewed their Skyward World Update which introduces a new dungeon, City of the Demon Gods.

Here are the details of the dungeon. City of the Demon Gods is a 10-man dungeon which has two modes: normal and achievement. Each of these modes can be attempted three times per week. If you’re looking for City of the Demon Gods, it’s to the left of Darkfall. The dungeon is unlocked for certain servers which have a team who completed Eternal Chasm Challenge. Additionally, if you’re looking for a Medicine Merchane and Inventory Attendant, they’re located at the beginning of the dungeon.

To enter, you must be in a team, and you must be level 69 or higher. As for bosses, there are five of them: Demon Warlord – Shen, Demon Commander – Viris, Swampborne Terror – Virulent Watch, City Warden – Azi the Shunned, and Nightmare Swordsman – Shadow Bloodkiller.

The dungeon contains a ton of achievements for you to hunt down and attempt. Additionally, if you take part in the Normal mode for City of the Demon Gods, you have a chance of receiving the following:

  • Cosmetic Accessories based on the Demon Gods
  • Book of Enchantment Items
  • Gold Equipment
  • Purple Equipment


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