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'Skyrim with Pixel Art' Co-op RPG World of Anterra Plans for July 2023 Release

Steven Weber Posted:
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If you missed the Kickstarter for World of Anterra, you shouldn’t be too concerned with FOMO as, the game has successfully funded at more than 300% of their goal. Self-described as “Skyrim with pixel art”, World of Anterra aims to bring some novel ideas to the pixel-RPG game.

In 2022, you’d imagine that pixel games may have lost their luster after more than 3 decades, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 81Monkeys, the studio behind World of Anterra has crafted a unique co-op RPG experience, but they needed just a bit more to push it to the finish line. Their Kickstarter began August 24th, and ended at close to 300K USD, which hit numerous stretch goals.

The list of features you can expect are quite robust. Here’s what the team is shooting for with World of Anterra:

  • Multiplatform release on PC, Mac and Consoles
  • A living world with NPCs that live their lives based on their routines
  • A non-linear story
  • Fast, party-based combat
  • A deep conversation experience with NPCs
  • Multiplayer Co-op
  • A vast, expansive world
  • Much more!

While the team at 81Monkeys failed to reach their listed stretch goals up to 500K CAD, they were able to reach the 300K tier, which means the team will be able to hire a community manager, a new pixel artist, and provide special backer perks like a physical collector’s edition. The development team is currently comprised of 12 team members, with some that have noted experience in development on games such as Hearthstone and Outer Wilds. According to the FAQ’s on their Discord, the game is planned for a July 2023 release, with a demo available for backers in the Spring. Keeping in line with the Skyrim nature of the game, the team also plans to fully support mods from the mod community.

Although Kickstarter games can often be hit or miss, the team at 81Monkeys is confident they will be able to release their game with the features mentioned, so if you’re a Skyrim fan looking for a little less 3D and a lot more pixelation, keep an eye on World of Anterra.


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