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Skyrim: New User Created Multiplayer Mod Released

Catherine Daro Updated: Posted:
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The fifth game in The Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, has been supported by a huge modding community since its launch. Now, a Reddit user Siegfre has released a modification for the game which allows you to explore the world together with your friends. 

Siegfre notes that the mod, called Tamriel Online, is still in early stages of development. The creator used it for some time with a friend and at the moment is looking for help to improve the mod. Right now Tamriel Online allows only a cooperative exploration of the world: the enemies attacked by one player become invisible for the other. Several users at Reddit have mentioned that mod allows for much bigger amount of players than just two.

You can read more about the modification and download it here.

Source: GameSpot.


Catherine Daro