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Skylanders Ring of Heroes Receives New Character, Events, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New characters and in-game events are here for Skylanders Ring of Heroes.

The update brings a new Portal Master, a new Legendary Skylander, plus more. The portal master, Oscar, is someone whose skills can heal your allies on the battlefield. The new Legendary Skylander is called Flameslinger who is a Fire Element Skylander. Obviously, the main attack here Is fire in the form of fire arrows which targets a single target. There are also various passives.

Two in-game events are also going on right now like the Academy Level Up Mission Event which ends March 2. This will help you level up faster where you can receive in-game items like Low Evolution Splendors, Legendary Skylander Summon Tickets, 320 Low Awakening Stones and 20 Premium Skill Power-up Stones.

The other event is George’s Puzzle which ends on March 17. You’ll be tasked with completing daily missions to earn puzzle pieces. Once you have the necessary pieces, you’ll receive George’s Gift which includes 100 Energy, 30,000 Gold, 3,000 Ether pieces, 100 Eon's Magical dust.


Poorna Shankar